Category: 3rd Party Articles

Here I’ll be posting links to all the articles I’ve written for other sites.

I wanted to be able to keep this site updated whilst also trying to get my name out there and writing for other websites. I thought this was the best solution as it is unfair to post the articles I write on here as well.

Any traffic may be directed here rather than the site that has been kind enough to let me write for them.

As always I’ll tweet all my articles, written on this site or for others, but for the foreseeable future I’m making a real push to get some ‘fame’ and writing for more popular and more established sties and names is the best way to do so.

Thanks for reading and be sure to tuck in all the goodies I’ve left you. You’ll be helping me out and giving a hand to those who have helped me.

It’s a win-win scenario.