David Silva, still a Spanish superstar?

David Silva for a while now has really frustrated me so I decided to write this piece as much to vent my anger and pent up irritation about the matter as to sing the praises of two of the most impressive players this season. So, in my honest opinion, I think David Silva is living on past glories and is perhaps even falling into the category of overrated. I genuinely cannot comprehend how he is keeping the likes of Santi Cazorla and Juan Mata out of the Spanish national team , it is just plain ludicrous.


Although, yes I am an arsenal fan, I would be pretty confident that if a survey was done asking who people thought has been the most impressive out of the three aforementioned players, David Silva would be a comfortable last place. I have no doubts he is a good player, and has gone through many a purple patch in his career, but does it end at good?He hasn’t changed one game for Man City this year, or if he has, it hasn’t been of any significance. It seems to me he is burning out, I don’t watch him and see a hunger to win or a genuine desire to make something happen, he approaches games with a somewhat timid, almost pessimistic mindset.

His drop in performance has been accentuated by the excellent performances of not just players in his position, but of his national teammates. Juan Mata has been a class above Silva this season, maybe even two, and has even outshone Cazorla, despite an extremely impressive first season. 10 goals and 10 assists in 23 games is ridiculous, the stats people in his position dream about and the benchmark for any attacking midfielder. But it isn’t just the stats that are impressive, when you watch Chelsea, you see everything going through Mata, you see him wanting the ball, getting the ball and actually doing something with it.

In complete contrast to Silva this season, when Mata picks up the ball, fans get excited because he is constantly demonstrating the amazing extent of his ability, whereas David Silva is playing very much within himself. For me the same applies to Cazorla, although perhaps not as consistently as Mata and less impressively considering Cazorla is four years his senior, he is the heartbeat of Arsenal, even more so when Wilshere is unavailable. Cazorla has scored 11 goals and made 7 assists, again, a similar tally to Mata’s, exemplifying the perfect marriage between goalscoring threat and penetrating creativity, not to mention his unique and simply breathtaking ability to take a set piece with either foot, let alone actually doing it in a match. Cazorla again is eager to be on the ball and other than my favourite Mousa Dembele, is the only other player in this league that is able to retain the ball in such an efficient yet graceful manner.


Even if Silva’s stats had been similar to those of Cazorla’s, he would be lower in my pecking order because of his reliance on his left foot, his inefficiency in front of goal, and the fact that even in a team with some of the best players in the country around him, he is yet to take the league completely by storm, especially in the manner of Mata and Cazorla, who arguably have somewhat limited ‘resources’ compared to those at Silva’s disposition, I know I would personally rather be playing through balls to Sergio Aguero and Carlos Tevez than Gervinho or Arshavin.

All in all, it is evidently clear who I think should be taking all the plaudits this season and to put it in some recent context, although I have not one the World Cup like Vicente Del Bosque, his decision to bring on Juan Mata in the 76th minute against Finland the other day not only baffles me immensely, but the fact this was also in place of Cesc Fabregas, rather than David Silva, must mean either I know absolutely nothing about football or David Silva is in fact a better football player than Juan Mata…

I must not know anything then.


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  1. look at manchester city now he is injured?


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