Didier Drog-Ba

I have been meaning to do this piece earlier but haven’t got round to finishing it. It is a fairly short one but it was just to emphasise Chelsea’s dependence on a front man that does more than score goals and my belief that Demba Ba can be this player.

With this signing, I believe Chelsea have done what is needed to bring an element of consistency to their performances and be even more prolific, more of the time.

It’s in the name! Fernando Torres has had his chance, Chelsea should have never have strayed from a ‘big man’ up front. Drogba is a Chelsea icon, at the forefront of their greatest successes and epitomises their best qualities.  He was not an intricate footballer but a raw talent with natural ability and brute strength. Not only an aerial threat but someone with deceptive poise and the ability to score the odd goal worthy of the Puska! Torres has not stepped up and has been in the shadow of Drogba, a huge one at that, ever since he arrived.

But now, surely, it’s arise Sir Demba, who can potentially be the heir to Didier’s crown. I honestly believe Ba can become Chelsea’s new striking hero, he even shares a similar name. In the words of Gary Neville, ‘It is written in the stars!’

Torres has scored a fair amount of goals this season, but for me, he never scores the important goals. He got the equaliser against Brentford, yet Chelsea should never have been in that position, and when he does score it never seems to be the vital first goal or even the winner. His goals seem to come when Chelsea are comfortable, already in the lead and not necessarily needing anymore goals.

Torres, even with the special players behind him, is struggling to get into goal scoring positions and even when he finds himself in these positions, the necessary composure and clinical touch is lacking. With Demba Ba, I think Chelsea have unearthed another game-winner and by playing Ba more often, not only will his improved link up play relieve some of the pressure and expectations placed upon Mata, Hazard and Oscar, but he has the talent to be able to make space for himself and score goals from his own work. His performances against the top teams in the league have usually been nothing short of brilliance. Many times he has put Man United to the sword, scored a number of goals against Arsenal and just because he was bought for £7 million doesn’t mean he can’t become the world beater that Didier Drogba was.

Rafa Benitez may be the last obstacle preventing Demba Ba becoming a massive name at Chelsea Football Club due to his relationship with Torres, but I personally believe if Ba can avoid injury and get a big run in the team, Chelsea won’t need to buy Cavani or Falcao in the summer as Demba Ba will more than prove he can carry the burden of being Chelsea’s lone striker and like Drogba, flourish in it.

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