Premier League Player of the Year – Luis Suarez a candidate?

To be blunt, yes.

But, I have just been watching sky sports news and on their paper review section they made a pass at the idea that Luis Suarez can’t be considered for Player of the Year because of the controversy that surrounds him.

Yes, it was hand ball in the FA Cup and yes he is really an absolute knob head and I don’t think any of us can deny that, but would anyone really stop the game or refuse to kick the ball in the net in a competitive cup game? If you are one of those people, then I commend you, but surely, if it is that blatant you would put the ball in the back of the net expecting the referee to pick it up, no?

Anyway, I digress from the main issue, my opinion is that of course he should be considered! We all know RVP is going to win it, he is too good and even as an Arsenal fan it is impossible to be too bitter to praise his talents, but then again, I feel Suarez is actually much closer to RVP then many give credit for and I don’t think his ‘gamesmanship’ or lack of ‘sportsmanship’ should hinder his chances of being recognised as one of the best players to grace the Premier League.

Considering Ryan Giggs won it not too long ago does suggest that it is not all about ability, as I am not saying he wasn’t good, but to win it in recent years to me was unjust, almost a sympathy vote cast or was awarded it on the premis he has managed to last so long.

The Player of the Year should simply be awarded on footballing ability and talent on the pitch. The idea of footballers as a role model is overrated, if people are prepared to idolise footballers of all people for their moral behaviour then I think we should be looking at ourselves. Yes their determination and ability we can be in awe of, but no one expects them to be a modern day Gandhi?

Its time to focus more on what people are doing on the pitch and celebrate their outstanding talent than to hypocritically judge people on their actions, especially in terms of denying them the accolades they may well deserve for solely their footballing talent.

Sportsmanship awards are given out to under 8 teams in order to keep the rubbish players interested, if we want the best technical players in our league, then we need to take their ‘unsportsman-like behaviour’ deal with it separately.


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  1. Ollie Gee will win it. Such a good player


  2. Luke 'sex-bomb' Stockil January 10, 2013 — 5:41 PM

    If you have talent people do look up to you; when the majority of people think about Suarez, a lot of them automatically think about his unsportsmanlike behaviour. If the player of the year was given to him, people would think he’s being awarded for those behaviours and therefore will think it’s okay to repeat his actions. No one is denying he’s very talented on the pitch and I’m sure some people associate him purely with his talent, not his bad reputation; but if he got the award it would inspire immoral aspirations.


    • I don’t think you can say people would think he is being awarded for his behaviour, but I can understand the point that perhaps some people would think the behaviour is being accepted. But to be honest, if people can’t distinguish between the good and the bad of what he has done then they need to look at themselves and if he were to win awards in the future then it would be up to the individual to look past his unsportsmanship like behaviour and marvel at his talent. Also, he is brilliant far more than he is controversial yet the minority is always accentuated because its bad and my point was that the good, if not brilliance, of Luis Suarez is too often dismissed due to previous actions.


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